The Book Swap is coming …

… Monday, June 8! Books will be swapped during the school day.

To participate, follow these simple steps:

1. Find 1 to 5 fantastic books from home that you would be willing to swap for 1 to 5, new-to-you, fantastic books! All elementary school reading levels and well as kid-friendly books in English and Spanish are welcome. (Parents, please make sure your child understands that he/she will be giving the book away.)

2. Fill out the bottom portion of this flyer (PDF) at home. Place your books in the book swap box in your classroom and put the bottom part of the flyer in the envelope attached to the book swap box.

Books will be collected May 26 – June 5

3. Each classroom will visit the bookswap on June 8.

4. Every Pacheco student will get to select a book. To help make this a reality, consider donating additional books, ESPECIALLY BOOKS IN SPANISH AND CHAPTER BOOKS.

Thank you!