About Us

Family involvement is the focus of our PTA activities. Volunteers organize many educational events for our children and Pacheco families in an effort to build unity and school spirit.

The Pacheco PTA is linked to both the State and National PTA and through this relationship we are a part of a nationwide network working for all children. Through our own programs and activities, we help meet the needs of children in our community. We work to create a nurturing environment and a future of hope for our children.

We provide parents, teachers and community members the opportunity to unite to improve our children’s lives by addressing health, education, and social concerns. Our successes are a direct result of commitment and efforts of our members.

2018-2019 PTA Executive Board / Junta Ejecutiva del PTA

President / Presidente – Andrea Soderin
Vice President / Vicepresidente – Stacie Kenny
Secretary / Secretaria – Kim Bisheff
Treasurer / Tesorera – Nicole Katona

Contact Us

Pacheco office: 805-596-4081

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