Love SLO

Thanks for coming to Love SLO at Pacheco on Saturday, March 18 from 9 a.m. to noon!

Here is a list of projects we hope to tackle that day. If you are able to bring any of the supplies on this list—or snacks or drinks for volunteers—please send us a message using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

 Project type  Project  Supplies needed
 Cleaning pick up trash garbage bags, disposable gloves
 Cleaning scrub drinking fountains sponges, abrasive cleaner, disposable gloves
 Cleaning sweep up several outdoor areas around campus, including mud areas push brooms, dustpans, flathead shovels, rake (for sandbox), wheelbarrow
 Gardening gardening/ garden rehabilitation work by the second grade portables gardening gloves and tools, wheelbarrow
 Landscaping add plants and ground cover to areas in front of MPR and base of ramp gardening gloves and tools
 Landscaping countersink pavers between room 25 and sidewalk shovel
 Playground pump up balls, paint backboards  ball pump, paint supplies
 Building create study nooks under the pines extension cord, power tools
 Building create shade area in kinder yard